5 Ways to be a SunshineFit Mama


Staying fit and healthy when you are a mom is exhausting! No sleep, no consistent schedule. Finding the time to exercise is the biggest challenge between feedings, naps, and playtime. How do I get motivated with only 3 hours of sleep?

Here are a few tips I use to stay as healthy as I can everyday:

1. The BurnThis App is a great place to start your morning! It’s a community of health and fitness enthusiasts that will motivate you to exercise, eat healthy, and feel empowered! Download it for FREE here. It’s a great way to get a little push to put on your sneakers or make a nutritious meal!

2. Walk or Jog everyday with your little one in a stroller. Getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air is essential for feeling healthy. Trade off days, one day take a long walk, the next a short jog.

3. Fitness Videos at home or free YouTube videos will help you squeeze in a workout while your little one is sleeping. Even better? Grab them and hold them while you do the workout! Check out sites like Gigabody where you pay a low monthly fee for access to hundreds of workout videos. Want a quick workout to do right now with your little one? Check out my Mommy and Me Simple Circuit on YouTube.

4. Plan your meals each week stock up on fruits and veggies. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of grabbing food to go. Every weekend plan your dinners for the week. Make them easy enough that they take only 20 minutes to prepare. One of my favorite SunshineFIT foods recipes is Vegan Caesar Salad. Not vegan? Add a lean, organic protein!

5. Mommy and Me Classes are perfect for you to meet other moms and for your little one to be around other babies. Check your local gyms and studios for Pilates, Yoga, or Bootcamp classes you can do together! If you are in San Francisco join me at Pilates ProWorks every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am for Mommy and Me Pilates!

Check out my facebook, instagram, and twitter for other fitness, nutrition, and health tips!

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