Sweat Pink #noexcuses Challenge!

To kick off our #NoExcuses Challenge today, the whole team is doing mad lib posts!

Copy the questions below
Fill in the blanks with your own answers
Tag 3 friends to share how they’ll make 2015 the year of #NoExcuses!
I’m making 2015 the year of #NoExcuses! Join me for Monday MadLibs!

Hey 2015, it’s me, SunshineFIT!

This year I would like to__be in great shape for my wedding, run a race over 10 miles, travel somewhere new, and teach cycling!___

It would also be super duper awesome if I also __took SunshineFIT by Tricia to the next level this year__. It’s not a resolution, though, just a reminder to myself to try and have the best year yet because I’m not getting any younger, dammit!

The thing I am looking forward to most this year is__ our wedding!!!__

I’ll use the one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning which is __COFFEE__ to help me get up, get moving, and get after my #NoExcuses 2015.Speaking of excuses (ahem), my very favorite excuse is __im so tired! __and I have used it to get out of doing exercise and everything sweaty on more than __10 bazillion__ (number) occasions.I vow to move my body and be more healthy this year even if it means I have to __take afternoon naps__
Even if my alarm clock gets eaten by the dog in the middle of the night, I’ll still__get up and go__!

I will stop blaming the __hungry monster__ [ex: kids, dog, husband] for eating the rest of the __epi bread and cheese__insert delicious bread name here when everyone knows it was really me.

My _lack of sleep__ [job, hair, car, husband, kids] are not the reason I make excuses. I will show my__self__ [same as before] who’s boss this year and get my __sunshine booty__ [type of sweaty activity] on
I know that any kind of __workout [type of workout] is better than sitting on my arse eating __cheese and drinking bubbles__. [noun]

I will reward myself by sneaking a few bites of __rice Krispie treats__.

#NoExcuses 2015 has just begun and already I am imagining myself a winner. I can’t wait to rock __prima studio leggings__ (article of clothing). I can’t wait till my sweaty friends are jealous of how fresh, clean and __glowing__(adj) I am between workouts with help from ShowerPill body wipes.

I can see myself rocking burpees [yoga pose / workout move] in new Rock the Course Leggings [article of clothing from Actio926] from Actio926 and looking fit and fly while doing it.

And of course, I’ll be taking my workouts to the next level and improving my abs [noun] with my new ActivMotion Bar to help me train for my next Broad Street Rin [distance] race with Sasquatch Racing.

Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing my tank top [article of clothing] will smell in my / during my race [favorite type of workout] after washing with some WIN Detergent.

And lastly, I’ll keep rocking my 2015 with clean eats and nutrition from Beaming with Health!

Tag, Tweet, shout-out, call, text, fax or email 3 friends to take this survey and share how they will have a #NoExcuses 2015.


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