On the 6th Day of Christmas! SunshineFIT’s 6 Fitness Faves

2014 was an especially different year for me as far as fitness goals. The first half of the year I was pregnant and trying to maintain my strength and endurance as much as I could. Then baby Cade came and I was nursing myself back to shape with a healing C-section and losing baby weight. It’s really amazing what the female body is capable of (go us!). With each new goal came new fitness gear to keep me motivated at get me through it! I fell in love with these SunshineFIT fitness faves! They are the perfect holiday gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life!

1. For Two Fitness Tanks and Pants– Not only are they ridiculously adorable, they are super comfy! sale happening now! IMG_5808

2. Sparkly Soul Headbands– There are a must for your gym bag! They stay in place, keep your hair out of your face, and come in fabulous colors.


3. Prima Studio Dancer Legging– I spotted these when I was pregnant vowing to get them after Cade was born. I love the color, the fit, and that they look cute from Barre Class to Brunch. (Photo Courtesy of Prima Studio Website)


4. Lets Get Sweaty Tank from FitApproach– Because, really, lets get sweaty (and SWEAT PINK!) and look cute doing it! (Photo Courtesy of FitApproach Website)


5. Spotify- It’s a super easy way to make playlists whenever you are in the mood for whatever mood you are in!

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 7.18.49 AM

6. Gliding Discs– These little discs may be the simplest way to make your workout more challenging. You can get them for either carpet or wood floors.



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