12 Days of Christmas- Day 11 Plank, Plank, Plank

My favorite way to fit in planks is to put on some music and plank for a full song or two! Here are 11 ways you can plank today.

1. Plank

2. Animal Plank- Start in Plank position, step your left foot outside of your left hand, back to plank. Repeat on the other side.


3. Side Plank- Start in Plank position turn to the left, stack or stagger your feet, lift land arm to sky.


4. Forearm Plank- plank position down on your elbows


5. Plank Single Leg Lift- From Plank position, squeeze glute to lift left leg. Repeat other side.


6. Reverse Plank- Start seated with legs extended, lift hips toward sky creating a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Alternate leg lifts for a challenge!


7. Belly Beast- Start on all fours, hands beneath shoulders. Lift knees about an inch off the floor and hold.


8. Push-Ups


9. Alternating Knee Tap Plank- In plank position alternate lightly tapping knees to floor. Variation: Tap both knees to floor.


10. Grasshopper Plank- From plank position bring left knee to outside of left elbow. Repeat other side.


11. Oblique Planks- From plank position bring right knee to left elbow. Repeat other side.


Here is Day 12 workout if you missed it!



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