A 1 month newborn and the 10 day health challenge

This has been the most terrifying, frustrating, exciting, exhausting, amazing, and incredible month of my life. On July 16th we welcomed our most perfect baby Cade into our lives. I had no idea what being a mom would be about. I have been around babies quite a bit in my life as a sitter, a swim instructor, and teaching mommy and me classes. However, in all of those situations, I gave the baby back and went on with my day. This time, we were taking him home!

After many tears, laughs, and still sleepless nights, we are finally getting our feet back on the ground. Cade is amazing! He’s started to become a smiley little guy and we are starting to understand each other a bit more. Everyone keeps saying, “it gets better, it gets easier.” I’m just starting to believe them. Being a mom is HARD!

My stress relief has always been exercise. I move everyday. I had exercised everyday of my pregnancy including the day we went to get induced. So after 6 nights in the hospital and then another 2 days at home on the couch. I HAD to get out! It started very slowly with a walk around the block. Each day I did a little more and in just a week I was back to my 4 miles a day. I attribute the quicker recovery to maintaining my activity for those 41.5 weeks.

With the longer walks came the struggle of remembering a diaper bag, a crying baby half way through the walk, and the exhaustion of not sleeping. The hour of sunshine was so needed for both of us. My advice to new mommies… Go for a walk. It might be what is keeping me sane.

I also started to incorporate a series of lunges, push ups, and triceps dips that I did while holding Cade or putting him on a blanket under me. The lunges made him fall asleep, BONUS! The circuit has started me on the path to getting stronger and finding some muscles again. We took our first Mommy and Me Pilates class at Pilates ProWorks. I’m hoping to do more as we get our schedule more and more set.

Eating healthy is a challenge when you are tired and have no time to think. I’ve also found that nursing makes me want to eat EVERYTHING! Especially sweets, which is not something I have ever really craved before. So I did. I ate candy, cupcakes, ice cream, and Rice Krispie treats. Everyday. Until I got an email to do the 10 day health challenge with Haley and Claudine. Check out their websites here! (http://wwwhttp://www.18grains.com) (http://stilettoandspice.com) The program will be offered at select Pilates ProWorks studios. I so needed this interference. The program is 10 days of eating whole foods. No dairy, no gluten, no packaged anything. Certainly no cupcakes or sour patch kids!

I’m currently on Day 5 of the challenge. I’ve had a slip up or two. Yes, even fitness instructors fall off the wagon. It’s hard not to eat the Rice Krispie treats at Blue Barn! But it has gotten me back on track. It was the kick I needed. We went food shopping, cleared out the wonderful goodies visitors brought over, and planned out some meals.

So here we are. We had some bubbles last night to toast surviving the first month. I have set me goals for month two, including getting back to SoulCycle classes, Pilates ProWorks classes, and the Elliptical. I’ve also ordered the new workout, PiYo to do when Cade is sleeping (I’ll keep you posted on that!)

To all the mommies out there, I get it now.





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