Baby Bump Update and Avocado Spring Rolls

I am always so inspired when people tell me they are trying the recipes on my SunshineFIT Foods page. JB and I love to create healthy meals! When I stopped teaching about 2 months ago I had a wonderful vision of blogging a few times a week and adding recipes and workouts. Ummmmm…..I didn’t do so well with that! Instead, I was nesting, getting ready for baby, keeping up with workouts, meeting friends for lunches and dinners, and just trying to enjoy every moment. I’m now 38.5 weeks and I’m literally waiting everyday for this little guy to come into the world. So, NOW I have time to sit and write. I’ve held off on the “pregnancy updates” but thought it would be fun to do at least one blog about it. So here goes…

BABY SIZE: At 38.5 weeks the little guy is about the size of a leek. He’s weighing in around 6.8 pounds and 19 and a half inches long, according to my baby center app. In short, he feels like he is HUGE! My belly gets in the way of everything! But I’m still embracing it as I look forward to fitting back into my regular jeans!

SYMPTOMS: All the books say that symptoms from first trimester come back in the third trimester. Yes, they do! However, all in all I feel pretty great!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’m so over them. I think I’m down to about 3 outfits that fit over the bump. On another note, I LOVE and highly recommend the For Two Fitness tanks and pants. The pants are incredibly comfortable. The tanks are just so darn cute!  I can’t wait for the day I can pack up the maternity clothes!

SLEEP: It’s touch and go. I take lots of naps!

MISS ANYTHING: Yes,WINE. Also, BUBBLES. I had been told I wouldn’t really miss it at all. So not true for me! I can’t wait to be at dinner and splitting a bottle of wine.

CRAVINGS: I’ve had none. It’s okay to hate me! But really have found that I eat just as I did before I was pregnant. I did start eating 80% vegan/gluten-free on top of my already vegetarian diet. I just found a felt better when I did. But I still have 20% of the week saved for pizza, cheese, bread, and burritos!

AVERSIONS: Brussel Sprouts. I cooked them in my first trimester when I was dealing with morning sickness and it just changed it. I used to love them. I’m hoping to love them again soon.

WORKOUTS: I have mostly exercised everyday throughout my pregnancy. It’s always something different depending on how I feel that day. I take 4 mile (or longer) walks. I run/walk. I do SoulCycle 1-2 times a week. I do Pilates ProWorks Prenatal classes. At the gym I do the elliptical for 4 miles and do the Strength Training line that is set up. I do various circuit and yoga workout videos at home. Exercise has been apart of my like since I was 12 and I always say it is what makes me, me! I’m prenatal Pilates and Strength Training certified so I took that knowledge and used it. I’ve also learned so much more actually being pregnant myself. Eventually, I will make a video or two on Prenatal Fitness. A sneak peek at the future of SunshineFIT 🙂


Avocado Spring Rolls Recipe

This recipe was inspired by Spring Rolls I had from Wegmans while I was visiting Doylestown. JB had never made Spring Rolls before but these turned out to be so good! They are actually perfect for summer. They are light and healthy. These are vegan but I encourage you to be creative! JB made his with chicken.



*We made 4 Wraps with this recipe, double or triple if needed!

4 Rice Paper Wraps (I found ours at Safeway in the Asian Food Section)

1 cup of baby carrots sliced into match sticks

1 cup of cucumbers diced

2 Avocados cut in half and sliced

1/2 package of Firm Tofu- drained and sautéed then cut into small rectangles

1/2 cup of broccoli florets

1/2 cup of Spinach (or any hearty greens you prefer)

1 cup of red peppers sliced into match sticks

Dipping Sauce:

1/4 cup of Soy Sauce (we used Organic and Gluten Free)

1 tablespoons of Toasted Sesame Seeds

1 tablespoon of Sesame Seed Oil

1/4 tablespoon of Sirachi (optional of course)




1. Combine all ingredients for dipping sauce and stir till blended. Set aside.

2. Dip Rice Paper wrap into warm water for 30 seconds to make pliable. Lay sheet out on flat surface.

3. In the center of the wrap lay 4-6 slices of avocado. Then layer ingredients.

4. Fold in the sides of the wrap first, then roll the wrap as tightly as possible. You can use 2 wraps if you are having trouble with just one.

5. Slice wrap in half.

6. Serve with dipping sauce.


In Health and With Grace,



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