SunshineFIT is having a BABY!!


J.B. and I are so excited to announce that we are having a baby boy in July! It’s already been an incredible 5 months. We still have so much to look forward to! I’ve been feeling wonderful since 2nd trimester started. I’ve even managed to keep up with workout 6-7 days a week. Luckily, I haven’t had any cravings and focus on eating clean, whole foods. I’m so excited to bring more information on Pre and Post Natal exercise to my blog through my new programming called MamaFIT!

To start off my MamaFIT series are my top 6 Prenatal lessons learned so far:

1. Take a prenatal nutrition class. There are so many books and opinions on what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. I took my friend, Christi Matson’s Prenatal Nutrition class to learn more about the foods and supplements that would nourish my body and the baby. It was great to meet other pregnant women and share stories and know I wasn’t in this pregnancy fog alone.

2. Sleep. My first trimester was a bit challenging and everyone kept telling me to rest when I could. Of course, I was determined not to rest thinking I was perfectly capable of making it through the day without a nap. I was wrong. An afternoon nap has been a lifesaver!

3. Drink lots of water, (even though it means 10 times more trips to the bathroom). Water is essential to my health and baby’s health. I drink about 100 ounces of water a day. Which means 4 miles run call for 6 trips to the ladies room!

4. Keep Exercising. I’m reading a great book, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Dr. James Clapp that I highly recommend to any woman who wants to get pregnant or is pregnant. It’s full of easy to understand research. I’ve been able to keep up with spinning, running, pilates, barre, yoga, and everything else I tend to get myself into. Exercising daily makes me feel like myself, diminishes pregnancy pains, and boosts my energy. It also got me through nausea during the 1st trimester when I needed to take my mind off it.

5. Lemon Water is the bomb. I found the wonder of lemon water in my first trimester when coffee and tea in the morning made me want to run away. I would make warm lemon water with the juice of a full lemon and heated water. It was the perfect way to start my day. Now that I’m feeling fabulous in 2nd trimester I end my day with lemon water. It’s cleansing, it fights off sugar cravings, and it makes me feel cozy.

6. Make decisions for yourself and your baby. EVERYONE had an opinion about your pregnancy, even complete strangers. Remember always to talk to your doctor but more importantly listen to your body and pay attention to your instincts and gut feelings. Everyday is something new to learn and something new happening to your body. Tune into it!

Look for more MamaFIT information along with the same great tips, workouts, and recipes from SunshineFIT!

Are you pregnant and still exercising? Share your secrets and tips in the comments below!

In health,
Tricia (and baby) 


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