SunshineFIT120 and Move, Nourish, Believe Week 2!

My SunshineFIT120 challenge ended Friday! On January 2nd I challenged myself and SunshineFIT followers to complete 120 miles by Valentine’s Day.

IMG_5672I had 22 people join me in the challenge! I needed this challenge as a motivator to move a little more everyday and to have a goal that I could work towards. This is a GREAT way to take baby steps to a regular fitness routine for anyone sitting on their couch trying to make the leap. It’s also an extra incentive if you are already on a regular program to get moving a little more! IMG_5613

The Lorna Jane and Fit Approach Challenge continued this week with the theme NOURISH!

We kicked off the week with Meatless Monday, one of my favorite ways to eat healthy and mindfully. I’m a vegetarian so have the benefit of everyday being Meatless but this day was very special because J.B. made his first ever Red Curry Sauce. It was amazing! Recipe coming soon!

IMG_5604Tuesday was “take your lunch to work day”. Again, one of my favorite ways to eat healthy! We make lunches for the week every Sunday so that it’s easy grab ‘n go. I usually opt for fresh veggie salads with a protein and balsamic vinegar for dressing.


Wednesday was “write it down day”! Third times a charm here as I believe in tracking your activities and food to stay on track! I use my Jawbone UP band to do both and LOVE it! Everyday I walk at least 10,000 steps and always shoot for 20,000 on days that I can fit it in.


Thursday was “Smoothie Day”! My go to smoothie is blending a banana, frozen strawberries, pea protein, and almond milk. It’s 4 things I always have on hand. Today’s smoothie was also my refuel after a gorgeous 5 mile run to the bridge and back.


Friday’s Challenge was a little more out of my element. It’s RAW FOOD Friday! I LOVE to bake but that requires an oven so this challenge was super fun! Before I made my raw food though, I did make Organic Apple Cinnamon Mini Muffins (recipe here). When I bake I never wait for it to cool, I HAVE to have that warm bite!


My Raw Food Challenge dessert became the Raw Carrot Cake on the Lorna Jane, Move, Nourish, Believe Website. Which you should totally check out for more amazing recipes, workouts, and more! My Raw food cooking experience didn’t go as wel as my mini muffin baking experience. My cashew icing was not the right consistency and I needed to blend my cake part a bit more. It was quite delicious!!! I couldn’t bring myself to post the awful picture so it’s a definite MUST DO again.


How was your week? Did you make any new recipes or plan/meet any goals? Tell me about it in comments below!


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