Sunshine Six: Motivation

IMG_2443Yesterday morning I found myself staring at the television trying to convince myself I needed to go out for a run. This went on through breakfast, lunch, and a full movie. Finally at 3pm I declared I was changing into my workouts clothes and would see what happened from there! By 3:15pm I had stepped outside, headphones in my ear and was on my way out for a 5 mile run.

What motivates us? How is it that some days you jump right up and are ready for a workout and other days you can’t even fathom 20 minutes of anything?! Here are my top 6 ways to motivate yourself and those days you just don’t want to!

1. Change into your workout clothes. This is what worked for me yesterday. I felt like if I had them on then it would be silly if I took them off and hadn’t gone for the run. It was a slow process but once the second sneaker was laced I was ready to go.

2. Make a new Playlist. Decide what music mood you are in at that moment and pick 10 songs. The list may motivate you to get moving so you can hear the full song you picked. Plus, music is motivating in itself. Check out my Playlists page for inspiration!

3. Decide to do 15 minutes. Some days a full 45- 60 minute workout can seem like it will take forever. Decide to do 15 minutes. If you stop after 15 than you did more than nothing. I think you’ll find you will keep going! After all, you are already there!

4. Grab a friend. Working out with a partner is very motivating. You keep each other on task and talk and laugh the whole way through. Plan to have coffee or lunch afterward to have something to look forward to! Maybe even a long walk before happy hour!

5. Log your calories for the day. Download the My Fitness Pal app and log in the food you’ve eaten today and will eat later in the day. Do you have a deficit? If not, put on your sneakers and go! Logging your calories and activity is a great way to remind myself of your health and fitness goals.

6. Exercise at home. There are days that I exercise in my pajamas. Yupe, you heard right. I pull up a workout video and just go. My favorite right now is Jillian Michaels HardBody. A yoga workout is also a great choice on these days because it’s low impact.

Now go get moving!

In Health and With Grace,



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