SunshineFIT 6 Spices you should use now!

IMG_0322Spices are an easy way to add healthy benefits to your meals throughout the day! Check out these 6 spices you should start using now!

1. Chili Peppers- eases stomach upset, helps digestion, breaks up mucus, has anti-inflammatory properties, heats the body which may promote detoxification. Add it to your vegetables when making fajitas.

2. Cinnamon– can help lower bad cholesterol, has anti-fungal properties, helps stabilize blood sugar. Sprinkle on your oatmeal or on an apple for a snack.

3. Ginger– eases nausea, reduces gas, reduces throat and nose congestion. Have a cup of ginger tea or add it to your vegetable soup.

4. Oregano– a natural source of vitamin K, can relieve menstrual cramps, may ease lung congestion. Make homemade tomato sauce!

5. Turmeric- a natural antiseptic, may decrease spread of cancer in the body, a natural liver detoxifier. Sprinkle over your eggs or over steamed cauliflower.

6. Pepper- aids in digestion, stimulates taste buds, eases congestion. Add to any salad, soup, pasta, etc.

To good food and good health!

Tricia and JB


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