Sunshine 6: Healthy Holiday Tips

The Holiday Season is in full swing judging by the Starbucks coffee cups, the Christmas Tree shops going up on street corners, and the Target commercials! Most people only gain 1-2 pounds during the holidays but, it’s always harder to take the weight off then to put it on. Candy Canes, pies, cocktails, dips, and those second helpings that are hard to say no to! So, what is a SunshineFIT star like you to do? Here are 6 ways to survive the food frenzy madness and have healthier holidays without missing out on all the fun!

1. Exercise in the morning. When you workout first thing you get it done and have time after work for holidays happy hours! Circuit Training is an efficient way to maximize calorie burn.

2. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. One glass of wine= one glass of water. Once you have the water then go for the second glass. This will help you to stay hydrated, keeps a drink in your hand, and will ease that hangover so you can do your workout the next day!

3. Finger Foods aren’t very easy for portion control. If you’re having appetizers take a small plate and fill it once, no going back for seconds! Choose fruits, nut, and vegetables first. Limit your carbs intake. Limit your cheese serving.

4. Longer weekend workouts. Saturdays and Sundays are your chance to wake up, have your (healthy) breakfast and go for a long workout! Walking is a great way to exercise. Grab a friend of family member so you can catch up!

5. Healthy Hosting! If you are the holiday party host you are in control of the food. Choose healthy options so that your guests have fun without the extra fat!

6. Dont skip meals during the day and drink lots of water. DO choose healthy foods. For breakfast have a bowl of fruit and steel-cut oats topped with a small handful of almonds and cinnamon. At lunch have a big salad with protein, stay away from cheese, and dressing on the side. If you eat healthy all day your more likely to eat healthy at the cocktail party!

The Holidays should be fun and festive! Enjoy your friends and family and don’t berate yourself because you had an extra bite of dessert! If you are going to splurge, splurge on something you LOVE and then move on. Then wake up the next day and EXERCISE!!!

In health and with grace,



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