Sunshine’s 6: Reasons to be Thankful

There is an explosion of reasons to be thankful happening on facebook. I decided I need to join the fun!

Reasons to be Thankful:

1. It can’t go without mention that Superstorm Sandy swept the East Coast early this week. I’m from Pennsylvania and most of the people I love in this world are on the East Coast. I am VERY happy and THANKFUL to report that they are all safe and sound and mom and dad finally got their electric back yesterday! My heart goes out to everyone who had to endure it and all the people who are still dealing with the aftermath. Many blessings.

2. JB and I just got back from an AMAZING vacation in Sedona, Arizona. It was a much needed time away. We got to rest, relax, and enjoy. We came back refreshed and hit the reset button as the start of the Holidays begins! I’m thankful for vacation, but most of all thankful for JB and everything he is to me.

3. I recently registered for a Half marathon that is in April. Though my official training hasn’t begun yet, I have been changing my routine and adding some yoga and more Pilates. I am thankful that my body is still fluid and adaptable to the moving I make it do everyday.

4. I am thankful for wine and cheese.

5. I am thankful for an unplanned weekend that will involve a new yoga class, a run with JB, and trip to Farmer’s Market, and a trip to Lululemon. So maybe it is a planned weekend, but I’m still thankful for it!

6. I am thankful for Gel Manicures.

What are you thankful for?

In Health and With Grace,



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