Eating Healthy when Eating Out

How did Monday come so quickly? We had a lovely weekend! Saturday started out with a GAIN workout at home. You HAVE to check it out! It might be the easiest way I’ve found to get my workout in at home and actually do the same workout with JB. Then we went to the Slippers and Sparklers Event at Pilates ProWorks and then out for lunch. The weather in San Francisco this weekend was a dream come true. Hot sunshine and happy people. I was in my element. Sunday was another workout followed by a Cable Car Ride down to Union Square for the purchase of the super trendy punch Nike Free. I tried to resist, well, maybe for a second. Truth is I love the brightness and in my world of black and grey workout/work clothes, the shoes add some fun. We had lunch out on Sunday as well. It got me thinking that a blog post about how to actually choose healthy options in a sea of unhealthy foods and portions.

Saturday we went to Marengo. It’s a local place on Union Street in San Francisco. It’s great for food and cocktails and has a back “patio” of sorts where the roof opens and you actually feel like your outside. The menu is known for their sliders and their queso dip (which is to DIE for but that’s another blog). They also have tater tots of which you can get the queso dip on the side. Ooey, gooey, fried goodness. So, how do you bypass the potato and cheese that does nothing but spike your blood sugar, slow your digestion, and make you feel like you gained 10 pounds in one sitting? You gulp down a whole entire glass of water and look at the salads. I’m not saying that the only way to eat healthy is to get a salad. There are a few simple rules you should follow…

Here are the 6 rules for eating out healthy the SunshineFIT way:

1. Drink a glass of water, the whole thing, while looking at the menu. It will give your metabolism a little boost, will make you feel a little fuller, will hydrate you, and will keep you “busy” so you aren’t reaching for the huge bread bowl that was just put on your table. Which, by the way, you should decline. And that goes right into rule #2.

2. Don’t get the bread or whatever filler they offer before you order. Most places ask you if you want bread instead of just giving it to you. Two letters, NO. It’s empty calories.

3. Don’t order an appetizer unless you are planning to share it with someone else. Stay away from anything fried or with melted cheese. Healthy options? A side salad, a soup, pita (whole wheat) and hummus, edamame.

4. Your entrée should contain at least one vegetable and one protein. Go easy on the carbs. If you do get carbs they should be whole grain. Ask your server if you don’t see one on the menu. The kitchen has things on hand for people who are vegetarians, gluten-free, allergies, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst they say is no.

5. Drink a second glass of water before your entrée comes. Even if you have a cocktail (especially if you have a cocktail). Once again it makes you feel fuller, boosts metabolism, and hydrates you.

6. Don’t get dessert. At least not every time. If you do get dessert share it with the table. A few bites of something sweet is probably all you need to satisfy the sweet tooth.

On Sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square. It’s a tradition we have. I started it when we moved here and went Christmas shopping and I was craving something familiar in a city I had only been in for about 21 days. It’s sits on top of Macy’s with great views of the square. Their menu is HUGE in size and HUGE on portions. A salad could feed a family. Low and behold they now have an addition to the menu, enter The Skinnylicous menu. I love it. I went right for it knowing that if I read about the mozzarella sticks they were going to end up in front of me. I ordered the Crispy Chicken Sante Fe Salad. Without the chicken. Without the cheese. Now I’m a vegetarian so if you aren’t you could ask for the grilled chicken instead. My meal was light, delicious and I left Cheesecake Factory feeling satisfied and healthy instead of feeling like I needed to be rolled out.

In health and with grace,






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