Spring Fling Circuit


15 days away from the first day of Spring! Make a goal to exercise for the next 15 days. Here is a simple circuit to get you started! Perform 1 minute of each exercise, do once for a 20 minute workout or repeat 2 times for a 40 minute workout!

The Workout

Push-ups- on palms and toes (or knees), arms shoulder width apart, bend elbows to lower chest to the floor, use chest and shoulders to press back up.

Squats- stand with feet shoulder width apart, sit back like you are going to sit in a chair, then squeeze glutes to stand back up

Jog in place

Plank- hold a top of a push up position

Plie squats with toes pointed out- stand with feet very wide and toes pointed out, bend the knees and lower the hips and use inner thighs, glutes to squeeze back up

Jumping jacks

tricep dips- sit on a bench with hands next to hips, lift your self off and lower to the ground by bending your elbows, then straighten elbows to press back up

alternating forward lunges- stand with feet hip width apart, take a big step forward bending both knees and then step feet together. Alternate.

Mountain climbers- plank position and then alternate bringing knees to chest at a fast pace

Pike crunch- lie on back with legs extended and arms overhead, on the exhale lift legs and upper body and tap toes

In health and grace,



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