Happy Birthday to ME!!

If you know me, you know that I celebrate birthday “week” not just “day”. That I will find any excuse to drink bubbles, ANY excuse, which means my birthday there are LOTS of bubbles! That turning 30 was not a big deal and 31 and 32 kind of just flew by (in amazing locations like Malibu and Hawaii nonetheless), and that for some reason “33” is a big deal. “It’s just a number”, “Your still a baby”, “Wait till you turn 35!” people say… It’s the day before I turn 33 and I have to say that I am as happy, healthy, and excited as I have ever been.

32 was overall a good year, it had its moments that I prefer to close the book on, but then it had more moments of pure sparkle and sunshine. I turned 32 on the shores of Hawaii, I watched good friends get married and have babies, I watched my sister and brother in law’s house really start to take shape, I watched my little sister fall in love, my parents continue to love one another and me unconditionally, I’ve reconnected with cousins, realized that my career is in full bloom and only getting better, got more and more attached to JB’s family, and had many moments that I took a look around and realized, I’ve got a good life, and it’s only getting better.

I know this is a selfish post but maybe we all deserve a little selfishness once in a while. So, CHEERS everyone! Cheers to another fabulous year full of surprises, joy, laughter, friends, family, sparkles, and sunshine 🙂

In Health (and my last blog post as a 32 year old).


One thought on “Happy Birthday to ME!!

  1. Great post Tricia! Your positive spirit inspires me. Happy Birthday. Thanks for a great work out this morning and always. Have fun this weekend. And let the good times (and bubbles) roll.

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