Edamame Salad

This is a quick and easy recipe to use as an entree for lunch or dinner. You could also serve it on the side or have it as a quick snack!

Edamame Salad
One Cup of Cooked edamame
2 ears of corn, cooked, and cut of the cob (or a can of corn, cooked)
Half a red onion, diced
A bunch of asparagus, chop off just the tops
1/4 cup of pine nuts
One Avocado, Sliced
One Lime
Olive Oil- for sauteing 
Salt/ Pepper

*OPTIONAL- one diced serrano or jalapeno (diced once the seeds and membrane are removed) for extra spice

Saute the pine nuts until golden brown, and set in a bowl
Saute the onion and corn until soft, add to the bowl
Chop asparagus and saute until cooked through, slightly charred on the outside

Toss all ingredients in the bowl, squeeze fresh juice from one lime and add a good olive oil. Salt and Pepper to taste and serve.

In Health, 


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