East Coast Summertime

I have been in California now for 2 years and 9 months and besides family and friends what I miss the most is East Coast Summer. I’m a sun worshiper, I love it. I wear my SPF 30 and do what my dermatologist tells me to do but when that sun is shining I will be the first one out there to soak up as much as I can. Last week JB and I were in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for vacation with his family and many family friends. We laughed, drank, ate, played, and relaxed. We went to the boardwalk for skee ball, bumper cars, ice cream, and pizza. We had happy hour and appetizers everyday at the house. We spent days on the beach, reading books, and walking in the sand. It was wonderful!

A few things to do if you ever get to Rehoboth:

1. Grotto’s Pizza- It’s a must. Grotto’s is a small pizza chain that is only in Delaware. It’s thin crust, great sauce, and cheese. You can go to the Beach Bar that is connected to the Grotto’s on the Boardwalk for a cocktail and pizza lunch then head back to the beach to the nap the afternoon away.

2. Planet X- I’m a vegetarian and Planet X is heaven. They serve mainly vegetarian dishes but for you non-vegetarians the also serve fish. It is eclectic and funky. The service is fun and laid back with people from all over the world.

3. Kaya Wellness Center- We went to the studio for a morning class only to find out the studio had been flooded and was being fixed. It turned out that we got to practice yoga in the park right next to a lake with trees above us and blue skies. They also do Yoga on the beach, Cycling, and Aerial Yoga classes.

4. Henlopen City Oyster House- This is as stated, an oyster bar however it is so much more. The atmosphere is fun and casual. The wine and beer list is fabulous. While everyone else had Oysters I had bruschetta. For dinner we choose from amazing sides like mac’ and cheese, creamed corn, and french fries.

5. Purple Parrot- This place was a nice surprise. We had been there before and didn’t think much of it. This trip changed my mind. It was one of our first stops for Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Then a few days later we were hit with a good old fashioned east coast thunder storm and we went for drinks again. The bartender made a great skinny margarita!

Summer is almost over and I am so happy to have gotten back to the East Coast to enjoy the sunshine! San Francisco is lovely but when it comes to the summer sun it is nothing compared to my East Coast roots.

In Health,


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