Frozen Veggies?

I am having a love affair with frozen veggies!
Specifically Green Giant Antioxidant Veggies. ( I add them to salads, pasta sauce, use them a side for breakfast, I LOVE them! The best part is that they are easy! Four and a half minutes in the microwave and you have a serving of veggies at your fingertips!

Some easy recipes for your frozen veggies:
1. Stir Fry- Mix the veggies with a cup of brown rice and a dash of soy sauce. Add chicken if desired.
2. Pasta and Veg- Heat sauce, add cooked veggies and 1 cup of whole wheat pasta. Top with Parmesan.
3. Easy Soup- Follow direction for vegetable broth or bouillon cube, add veggies, simmer for five minutes. Add pepper to taste.
4. Easy Omelet- Cook eggs of tofu and add the cooked veggies, top with fat free cheddar cheese and hot sauce.

In Health,


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