A morning walk will do you good….

I love to exercise. I am that girl on vacation that wakes up everyday and goes for a run. I am that friend at Girls Weekend at the beach, that makes someone else come with me for a walk to enjoy the ocean. I believe in exercise as a religion, an escape, something to do everyday that is good for me and makes me feel good.

I know most of America does not share this same excitement for exercise. The look on my girlfriends faces when I ask who is joining me for a walk after a long night out, tells me so. However, exercise does not have to be punishment, it does not have to be hard. You just need to move your body for 30-45 minutes.

Walking is the easiest way to exercise. All you need is sneakers on your feet. I walk a few times a week and make it fun by talking to family or friends on the East Coast, listening to music, or simply knowing a Cappuccino is waiting for me after the 45 minutes.

So, if you have made up your mind that you hate exercise. I recommend finding something you enjoy, walking, dancing, tennis, swimming. Find something where your body is moving that you don’t consider exercise.

Ways to make exercise FUN!

1. Walk with a friend to catch up and then have a healthy lunch. 
2. Grab your coffee and stroll the neighborhood or at the local park in the fresh air of the morning. 
3. Take a dance class or lesson with your significant other. 
4. Go swimming with your kids in the pool. 
5. Get a group of friends together and sign up for a Pilates class. 

Life is too short, but exercise will make it longer!
In Health,


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