Bikini Ready Countdown!!!

We leave for Hawaii in just 10 days and I am in full “Vacation Ready Workout” mode. We all do it. We amp up our routine, begin a new routine, diet, and fill up with determination to look good in that dress, shorts, and bathing suit. Many people have asked me what I do to “get ready” for vacation. I don’t change a whole lot of my routine but I do add in a bit more exercise, and pay closer attention to what I am eating. So, here it is! This is also a great way to jump start yourself after vacation, or if you need a change! 
This is a 2 week routine:

– Every other day for the 2 weeks leading up to vacation I walk for an hour outside doing as many hills as possible and I take a Pilates, Barre, or Yoga class. This gives me cardio to burn calories and strength training to shape muscles.
– On the other days I still may get a 30- 40 minutes walk in during the day, without as many hills but I also run outside or do the elliptical at the gym for 45 minutes. I don’t do strength training on those days.
– On day 5 and day 10 (or any 2 days during the 2 weeks as long as there is a few days between them) I take the day off from cardio and do a Yoga, Pilates, or Barre class.
– As far as diet, I eat fruit for breakfast with nuts for protein or maybe an apple and peanut butter. I have a mid-morning snack of an apple, banana or a Kashi bar. Lunch is usually a big salad that has nuts and/or cheese for protein. I also have soup if I’m really hungry. Dinner is something with a lot of vegetables, protein, and grains. Such as vegetarian fajitas, homemade ceasar salad with parmesan and whole wheat crustini, spicy tofu with green beans and brown rice, or whole wheat crust pizza and a salad. If I’m hungry I have fruit before bed with a cup of hot tea.

As you can see, it’s no miracle plan. It’s just exercise and eating well.
In Health or as they say in Hawaii, Mahalo, 


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