Getting (RE) Started

Welcome to a new week! Summer is in full swing and I hope you are enjoying every minute of it! With vacations, and bbqs, and kid’s sports it can be hard to stick to your health and fitness goals. It can also be difficult to get yourself started on a new program with so many things going on. I’m here to help!

1. Make an appointment to exercise. Just like planning to pick up your kids or to go to a doctor’s appointment. Look at your schedule for the day and the rest of the week and figure out when you can exercise.

2. Put on your workout clothes. If you plan to exercise in the morning lay out everything you need the night before. Your clothes, sneakers, gym bag, Ipod, water bottle, and anything else you need for the gym. If you exercise after work change before you leave work and head right to the gym or change as soon as you get home. Putting on the clothes reminds you to go workout.

3. Workout with a friend or Personal Trainer 2 times per week. Better yet, sign up for Personal Training sessions with a friend and save some money! Having a partner to exercise with can lead to less excuses. She/He is counting on you to be there too! Why 2 days a week? Chances are you’ll exercise at least one more day if you’ve already done two. If not, then at least you got two days in!

4. Join a gym or buy some videos. Another great option right at your fingertips is Exercise TV on demand. Make exercise accessible. If you don’t like to run, then don’t plan to go running. The simple truth is that if we don’t like what we are doing, chances are we won’t do it. Find exercise you enjoy. Do you like to dance? Check out Zumba or Bokwa. Do you like to walk? Find a few local courses that you can follow as soon as you walk out your door.

5. Forget your sneakers. I find Saturday mornings to be the hardest day for me to exercise. JB is home and we are enjoying coffee and easing into the weekend. On these days I go into another room, pop a Pilates or Yoga CD into the computer and exercise in my pajamas. It’s a great way to start the weekend and I didn’t even have to change or leave the house! Another great option is a Willpower and Grace exercise DVD. Check out

6. Plan your meals. Before you go to the grocery store write down your meals for each night of the week. Make them healthy. They should contain a protein (meat, fish, tofu,beans etc…), a whole grain carb (the first ingredient listed should say 100% whole wheat, or brown rice, quinoa, etc), and a vegetable. Make the vegetable portion the main part of the meal. It should take up half your plate. The protein should take up a quarter and the the carb the other quarter.

7. Eat dessert. If you like sweets summer is the best time for you! Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon. Don’t skip dessert if you enjoy it. Just make it healthy. Have some fruit or a small piece of candy so you don’t feel deprived.

8. Drink water. I can’t say it enough. Aim for half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 140 pounds try to drink 70 ounces in water everyday. Add cucumber or lemon to it if needed.

9. Record what you are eating everyday. This will help to you keep track of calories and learn how many you are eating. You can see what parts of the day you tend to eat more, when you eat less, and how much fat, sugar, and carbs you are eating. You don’t have to make ourself crazy about it, just be aware. Check out or

10. Live a little. Life is short. Enjoy yourself. If you are going to a party and think you may indulge then be sure to exercise that day and the day after. Drink lots of water. Get right back on track the next day. If we don’t take the time to enjoy our lives then what are we staying healthy for to begin with?

In Health,


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