Back to Nature

San Francisco is a lovely city. It has everything you need and could ever want. However, sometimes this suburban born girl needs to get out of the city and reconnect with nature! That is exactly what we did over Fourth of July. We took a trip 3 hours north to Mendocino. Along the way we stopped in Healdsburg for some lunch and to walk around the square. The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky!
Everyday I check email, facebook, talk on IM and text messaging, and watch TV. I did none of that over the holiday weekend. My cell phone had no service and I have to say I was pretty delighted! The TV was in an odd place in the condo we stayed in so it stayed off except for a World Soccer score update now and then, and Facebook seemed like a world away.
Instead we hiked, walked, ran, went to the beach and skipped rocks, and walked around Mendocino, took in the people, the sights, and the fresh air.
The whole trip made me happy. I felt rested and invigorated. I realized how few stars we see at night in the city, how few birds you hear chirping in the morning, and forgot how refreshing it is to run a trail and not see anyone the whole time you are out there.
Nature is such a gift and I often miss the beauty of it living in the city. I was reminded to breathe, slow down, and take it all in.
God Bless America! Enjoy everything she has to offer!
In Health,


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