It’s all about you

This week was the busiest work week I have had in a long time! I truly love what I do and feel very blessed to be able to make a difference in people’s lives and to help them reach their goal. When I teach or work with clients it is all about them. Their goals, their bodies, their families, and how to move toward making their lives healthier and full of energy.

When the classes have finished and the training sessions are over for the day I take a deep breath and then it becomes all about me. I realized this week that we spend a lot of time making other people happy. Our families, friends, coworkers, clients, and the list goes on and on. This week I didn’t do my normal workouts, I didn’t eat my normal lunch, and by the end of the week our apartment looked like a hurricane hit it. I gave it my all and I am proud of myself but now it’s time for a book, a glass of wine, and a dinner with JB.

It so important for your health to take time for yourself. We need it to rejuvenate. Time moves fast. What makes you happy? Chances are that when you find that, everything else falls into place. If you can’t have your dream job then have your dream life out of your job and work hard so that you can create the happiness you want. It’s not about money, although I do believe it helps!

Be proud of yourself, take care of others, eat healthy, exercise, and have a kind heart. At the end of the day a glass of wine or a great dinner will be waiting for you.

Have a fabulous weekend!
In Health,


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