Back to the Real World

I returned from vacation yesterday with a great tan, rested mind, and memories of the sunshine. We had a great time and visited with great friends! The day after vacation is always surreal as I get back into the swing of things, work, chores, and my regular eating and exercise program. As summer approaches I thought this would be a great time to give some tips on how to stay on track over your vacation so that you still have fun and relax but don’t come back home feeling bloated and out of routine.

I love to exercise on vacation, I know I am of a select few but it makes me feel refreshed! Hotel gyms are usually empty which means full control of the TV, radio, and equipment!
1. If possible select a hotel that has a gym or group classes that you can join.
2. Pack two sets of exercise clothes for every 5 days of vacation. Use them.
3. Go for a walk and enjoy the beach, the lake, or wherever you are. I have been able to explore areas I wouldn’t have normally seen on my walks and runs on vacations.

There are numerous opportunities on vacation to indulge in greasy, sugary foods. While I was visiting my home town I was very excited for a pasta dish at a local restaurant. Here are some tips on how to indulge but not go too far.
1. Spilt your favorite meal with someone. That way you enjoy your food without eating the whole bowl.
2. Start the morning with fresh fruit. It’s a great way to fill up while still allowing your body to digest whatever you indulged in the day before.
3. Have some type of vegetable with each meal. Eat the vegetable first and then enjoy your food. You will eat less and get your serving of veggies.

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