Beat Gym Boredom

Many of us go to the gym and do the same class or exercise routine everyday. It’s comforting to have a routine, to know what is coming next, and to know when it is over. I find that many of my clients never switch up the routine they were first given at the gym. They keep doing what they were told and are not realizing that a simple routine change could help them get to their goals faster.

Our bodies get used to routine and thereby it uses less energy to do that routine. Therefore, 20 minutes on the elliptical uses less energy now than it did for you 3 months ago. We should constantly change our routine to burn more calories and to have fun!

Here are some great ways to switch things up:
1. Instead of walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes ask a trainer how to use another piece of cardio equipment and split the time on that machine.
2. Do you use the elliptical every time you go to the gym? Try jogging on the treadmill one of those days.
3. Spending endless minutes on the bike? Try a Spin class and get a great workout in one hour!
4. Add Strength Training to your routine at least twice a week. Check your club’s schedule and take a strength training or circuit class.
5. Treat your self and meet with a trainer to learn some new exercises, grab a friend and catch up while you are working out!

The most important this is to remember to have fun! There are so many great classes in the fitness industry, you can dance, stretch, and jump your way through a workout and forget that you were even “working out”!

As always, please email me any questions, comments, or topics you would like me discuss!
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