On Your Way to a 5k

Need a great way to stick to your workout plan, give yourself a little extra motivation, lose those last few pounds, and maybe meet some new friends along the way? Train for a 5k!

A 5k is equal to 3.1 miles. Even if you were to walk the distance it would probably still take you a little under an hour to finish.

Here is a great 12 week plan I’d like to share that I have used for races I have trained for:
1. Pick 2 days a week as your walking days. On your walking days walk for 20 minutes and each week add on 5 more minutes until you are walking for an hour each of those days.
2. Pick 2 days as your walk/jog days. On your walk/jog days start with walking for 5 minutes and then jogging for 30 seconds repeat for 20 minutes.
The second week walk 4.5 minutes, jog for one minute, repeat for 25 minutes.
The third week, walk 4 minutes, jog for 1.5 minutes for 30 minutes.
Each week increase your jog time by 30 seconds and decrease your walk time by 30 seconds. Also, add 5 minutes to your walk/jog days each week.
By week 12 you will be jogging for the full hour!
3. Pick 3 days a week (not back to back days) to be your rest days or days you do Yoga, Pilates, or a Strength Training workout.
A few more helpful hints:
  • Drink lots of water before, during, and after your workouts.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to!
  • Ask a friend, family member, or coworker to race with you.
  • Register for the race right away so that it is on your calendar and you can plan around it.
  • If you workout in the morning set out your clothes the night before.
  • If you workout after work, walk in the door and put your gym clothes on or change before you even leave work!
  • Remember that if you are worried about your health or your joints to speak with a doctor before you begin any exercise program.
  • Go to http://www.runnersworld.com and click the Races and Places tab to find a 5k near you. Chances are there is one right in your hometown!
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