Books to read…

Hello and Happy Sunday!

I just got in from a run and along the way thought of 2 books that I love that I would like to recommend to all of you. The first book is The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. Yes, the girl from Clueless! The book primarily talks about moving toward a meat free lifestyle but I am recommending it because it is simple to read and has great healthy recipes for you and your family!
The second book I recommend is Food Rules by Michael Pollan. This book is simply a collection of rules to follow such as “Avoid foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup.” It is in bread, condiments, snack foods, and even in some peanut better. High-fructose corn syrup is simply…sugar. If it is listed on the ingredient list try to find an alternative or a recipe to make your own!
I am off to enjoy the rest of the weekend!
In Health,

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