An Introduction

Jessica Simpson was on Oprah talking about women and beauty and how the “ideal” woman in American Society is held up to certain standards of weight. Jessica was accused of being fat in a pair of size 4 jeans. As Jessica embarks on her mission to help women to feel confident in today’s society of ideals, I decided to create this blog to talk about health, fitness, and nutrition. Please join me on my journey to help women, men, and families find a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel good from the inside out.

I have been working in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years. I am a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor and just started my Yoga Teacher training. I have a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State. I try everyday to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am a vegetarian but I grew up with a father who was a butcher for Acme, therefore I will never tell you not to eat meat, as your meat consumption kept my dad employed!

My goal for today is to read every label of the food I eat throughout the day. Take a look; see what is in your food, your kid’s food, and your pet’s food. Can you pronounce all the ingredients?


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